Based in Brighton, on the south coast of England.

Founded and managed by music enthusiasts Polly Miles & Ollie Thomas who set up Acid Box and hosted their first event together in December 2013.

Formed through a mutual passion for unearthing contemporary underground music.

Showcasing artists from around 

the world to perform in Brighton for fellow discerning music fans.

Dedicated to book, promote, photograph, collect and DJ new and notable music and 

introduce rock'n'roll to the next generation.

You'll hear a variety of

sub-genres at Acid Box events.

Whether the pair are DJing at bars, festivals and clubs; hosting live bands

or presenting their radio show. 

They're enthused equally by killer grooves, catchy hooks, big riffs, raucous live shows, hypnotic soundscapes and heavy drones.

Predominantly anything within the sonic spectrum of

garage rock, post-punk, psychedelia, acid rock, heavy fuzz and motorik, krautrock 

rhythms as well as frequent forays into territory of even more experimental sounds, 

electronic/synth based and traditional music from

around the world.

Since the inception of Acid Box they have hosted shows for artists whose music first drew them in as well as work with some of their favourite record labels, brands, venues and promoters. 

Always ensuring excellent hospitality, 

regularly hosting touring bands in their seaside home, cooking fresh wholesome meals and doing all they can to showcase, integrate and support the local musicians and intimate venues.

Acid Box also manage feminist collective

blog and now defunct club night 


You can contact us here for any enquirys

The Babe Rainbow • The Hope & Ruin Brighton • 04.09.17

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Recent ACID BOX Guests:

10 000 Russos. Acid Tongue. All Them Witches. Allusondrugs. And Yet It Moves.

Archie & The Bunkers. Avalanche Party. 

Baba Naga. The Babe Rainbow. Baywaves. 

The Black Delta Movement. Black Doldrums.

Black Mekon. The Black Tambourines. 

Black Market Karma. Black Mekon. The Blank Tapes. The Blind Shake. Blondi’s Salvation. Blown Out. Bongolian. Camera. 

Chicos De Nazca. Cocaine Piss. Cool Ghouls. 

The Cosmic Dead. The Creation Factory. 

Dead Coast. Death Valley Girls. Demob Happy. 

Dignan Porch. Dr Brians Magic Gong Salad. Electric Eye. Electric Octopus. Elephant Stone. Flamingods. Frankie Teardrop Dead. Frankie & The Witch Fingers. Fumaça Preta. Gang. Gloria. Gnob. Go!zilla. Haxxan. Heaters. Heirloom. Here Lies Man. Hockey Dad. 

Iguana Death Cult. Is Bliss. 

Julies Haircut. Juniore. Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds. Kikagaku Moyo. King Brothers. 

Klaus Johann Grobe. L.A Witch. La Hell Gang. 

Levitation Room. The Liminånas. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete. Los Bitchos. Lumerians. Madonnatron. Magic Castles. Magic Potion. 

Magic Wands. Male Gaze. Mark Sultan. 

Melt Dunes. Mile Me Deaf. Moonwalks. 

Mr Airplane Man. The Myrrors. Mystic Braves.

Naxatras. New Candys. Night Beats.  The Nude Party. Os Noctambulos. The Oscillation. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. PINS. Prettiest Eyes. Radar Men From The Moon. 

Saint Agnes. Shonen Knife. Sick Hyenas. 

Snapped Ankles. Sonic Jesus. Spindrift. 

Strange Cages. Stonefield. Sugar Candy Mountain.

Sun Scream. Table Scraps. Tess Parks. Throw Down Bones. Tigercub. Triptides. The Underground Youth. Vaadat Charigim. Vanishing Twin. 

Vinyl Staircase. Vulgarians. Wand.

The Warlocks. Wax Machine. White Room. Wooden Indian Burial Ground. Yassassin. 

You Said Strange. Yuck.