A playlist featuring our favourite Brighton based artists, hand picked by Acid Box.

From Rock'n'Roll, Psych and

Post-Punk influenced bands to Avant Garde and Experimental Electronic music.

All the best Psych-Funk grooves from contemporary bands experimenting with traditional instruments, arrangements and mixing them to create

 future sounds.

Featuring tracks by artists performing live in Brighton

hosted by Acid Box in 2019.

We've compiled all the best psychedelic folk rock to transcend you to another dimension, music to soundtrack relaxing in a meadow or big desert treks.

Acid Box take you on a trip through the wild west, as told by contemporary rock'n'roll bands who are riding across the dusty dunes from cowboys and indians to surf punks and hash fuelled hippies.

Take a trip back to the golden age of psychedelia with this playlist we've compiled of freaky rock'n'roll groups from late 60s and early 70s as well as a few modern acts who are keeping the spirit alive.