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We initially created two limited edition hand-made CD compilations under the guise of BITCH CRAFT in 2017 and 2018 and all profits from this were donated to Brighton Women's Centre.

We thought it was about time we began putting some of the music we promote onto wax ourselves.


Acid Box Records debut vinyl LP release is Strange Cages Pop Therapy. These guys have been through it all with us since we both started out trying to play and put on gigs.

We're proud of the songs they've created and so happy we get to work on our first record release as a collaboration with them.

Officially released Friday 13th September, followed by a launch show that night and a tour throughout the following weeks.

Order yours now via Bandcamp

or Brightons favourite record shop: Resident

Our second release is a celebration of the eight years we've been kicking it down in Brighton. The Acid Box Birthday Comp features bands past, present and future. Taking a minute to reflect and look back and some of the names we have on here is just so surreal, music and people are so essential, now more than ever.

We’ll be donating some of the sales from this compilation to the Music Venue Trust for all their hard work. 
Nab a copy here

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